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G5 Vibrating Cellulite Removal Machine


Use the mechanical power with stable rhyme force, adjust different rotating speed for different parts of the body, carry on whole body or local massage, can stimulate female hormone secretion through mechanical vibration, dredge the ovary, restore uterine elasticity.



1. Slimming and body shaping;

2. Promote blood circulation, dredge channels and collaterals

3. Accelerate blood circulation and uterine contraction;

4. Regulate endocrine system;

5. Eliminate fatigue and relieve nerves.


Six functions

1. Sponge massage head

Sponge massage head, mainly in the whole body of the use of acupoints, including the body and the soles of the feet, the recommended speed is 800 turn a minute or so. When physiotherapy, please use disposable sanitary film cover (included in plastic wrap, etc.).

2. Column massage head

The “masseur’s finger” is a muscle-stimulating technique that USES an object to squeeze and vibrate at the site of pain to reduce pain, effectively relieving muscle tension and hard fat. At the same time, the vibration with a rotating speed of 2400-1000 RPM can effectively make fat soft and reduce fat consumption.

3.Shower massage head

Flower asperse massage head basically is aimed at coarse, much furrow skin and soft adipose use, also can assist union epidermis and deep fiber organization, eliminate fat fat and adipose, suggest revolving speed is 1600-2400 turn minute.

4. Hemispherical massage head

Hemispherical massage head ACTS on the larger part of the muscle massage (such as back massage), the lack of movement of the muscle passive exercise. Helps prevent muscle fatigue and stiffness, maintain joint flexibility, and reduce joint swelling during extra-intense exercise or exercise. At the same time in the rotation speed of 2100-4000 revolution in the vibration of the fat parts can effectively make it soft, consumption, to achieve the effect of weight loss.

5. U-shaped massage head

It is mainly used in acupoints of the whole body, including the body and soles of the feet. It is recommended to rotate at about 800 RPM. For physical therapy, please use a sanitary film cover (e.g. plastic wrap, etc.).

6.Single massage head